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Remaining Classes of the Year

Good evening,

Following a rather long conversation with the Parish Council today unfortunately, we are having to change our class timetable over the next couple of weeks. We do appreciate and understand that this may not be convenient, and we do thank you for your understanding and support. This matter is completely out of our control and is not a decision we wanted to make.

Grading will be starting on the 19 November 2022 and will take place during each class following this date. If you are still needing to book in for grading, please can we ask that you return the Grading Booking form before the 19 November 2022. Payment for grading will still be due by the 3 December 2022 as previously stated. Attached is a copy of the booking form. If you need us to resend you the Grading Letter, then please do let us know.

The following classes are being cancelled due to the halls being unavailable:

Saturday 26 November 2022

Saturday 10 December 2022

Saturday 17 December 2022

Please see messages regarding classes on Saturday 12 November due to last minute changes.

The Grading Ceremony and Awards Ceremony will take place on the 18 December 2022 from 12:30pm.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Sadly, these changes have been following long conversations with the Parish Council and also with our team regarding circumstances that are out of our control. We really do appreciate your support!

Please do let us know if you have any questions at all!

Grading December 2022 Form
Download PDF • 109KB

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