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Postponed Class - 10 September 2022

Good afternoon,

We are saddened to learn the news that yesterday, Her Majesty, The Queen has passed away. We would like to thank her for her devotion and service to us all!

From our the WM Wing Chun Kung Fu family we send our heartfelt condolences to The Royal Family and to everyone affected by this news.

In line with other sporting fixtures and groups over this weekend, the Village Hall and us have decided to postpone classes as a sign of respect to Her Majesty, as we send our thoughts and prays to the Royal Family and other affected by her death.

Our Saturday class will be back up and running next week, and all class fees that have been paid will be honoured.

We do thank you and appreciate you for your understanding during this time!

The WM Wing Chun Kung Fu Team

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