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Happy New Year

Classes will be returning starting on the 4th January 2022. They can be booked in advance via our website.

I'm sure our Adults can't wait to be back burning off all those chocolate goodies!! Free Trial classes are available for anyone.

Calling all Junior parents... If you were impressed at the end of December with your children's achievements and our adults then why not come down for a Free Trial class in our Adults? Drop us a message or book via our website

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!! Have a fantastic New Years!!

"A family run practice, where the instructors cover both the fitness and skills aspects in a relaxed but very precise manner. Students, male and female of all ages and experience are welcomed and the trial first lesson is pleasantly low key, which I found allowed me to take part without pressures of unknown formality and etiquette." - Google Review 5 Star

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