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Grading Ceremony and Awards Presentation 2021

In December 2021, we hosted our first ever Grading Ceremony and Awards Presentation.

David Cooke

Adult Student of the Year

This award is for a student who joined us on our very first adult class and has never looked back. A pleasure to train with and is always eager to learn and develop, he always looks to encourage his training partner and his motivation is inspirational, he is another student that never gives up no matter how challenging class maybe. I will always remember when he first arrived and he thought he was coming to a Wing Chun Demonstration and before he knew it he was getting stuck into the warm up. He also trains twice a week and was forever present at our zoom classes throughout lockdown. I love to keep him guessing with what is in store for him before the start of class and his positive and enthusiastic personality is infectious and is a shining example to others. He only has one mode and that is to succeed. This guy loves a wall sit! - presented by Wayne Muir

Stanley Gray

Junior Student of the Year

This has been awarded to a student who blows us away every week. His focus, commitment and technical ability for someone so young is incredible and to train with him is an absolute pleasure. His protentional to grow and succeed in the art of Wing Chun has no boundaries. His attention to detail in all the drills is exceptional and his determination to technically apply himself is remarkable for his age, and his impersonation of a Vampire was the best! - presented by Wayne Muir

Peter Beckett

Special Recognition

Other students have said how much of a pleasure it is to train with him. This student has a real passion and enthusiasm to learn the art and cares deeply about supporting and working with others. As one of the our first students he has maintained training twice a week and throughout lockdown was forever present during our Zoom lessons. This student doesn't allow anything to hold him back and to see what he has achieved since training with us is remarkable. Those that train with me in our adult classes know that i will always try to push you that little harder and this student shows no fear or hesitation in giving it a go and adapts where needed. This student never gives up and although the warm ups can be challenging, he just keeps going, he is like the Duracell rabbit. He is a true model to other students and proves that age is just a number! - presented by Wayne Muir

Cameron Muir

Outstanding Contribution

This has been awarded for his outstanding contribution to our Kung Fu team. He helps and guides others and doesn't hesitate with our smaller students to assist with out being asked. He contributes not only during classes but before and after and often joins in with adult classes. He never hesitates to step out and demonstrate to other students. He is a pleasure to train with and is role model to other young students - presented by Wayne Muir

Emmie Lacy

Perseverance to Own Personal Development

This award is to recognise this student for her perseverance to train week in week out, she is quite open about what she does and doesn't like and isn't shy to share that with us. Her attitude is amazing and we have seen her grow into quite a handful when sparring with us. This is down to her dedication to training and working har to ensure she continues to develop and enhance her skill level. - presented by Wayne Muir

Louie Queenbarrow

Outstanding Contribution to Learning

This student has been with us pretty much from day one, he always has a smile on his face and is a true pleasure to train with. His focus in classes and attitude to learning is grown from being a shy young man when he first came to class and is now confident enough to demonstrate to other in front of the whole class when called upon by instructor, Lewis. His attitude is always positive and as one of the higher grades he always leads by example - presented by Wayne Muir

Sonny Curtis

Most Improved

This award is being presented to a student who has demonstrated a significant improvement in his balance, co-ordination and focus. We have seen this young man devleop and grow in such a short space of time and his development is a credit to his continued effort in learning. Nothing holds him back! - presented by Wayne Muir

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