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Grading April 2022

This week we awarded new belts and grades to students who have achieved their next student level in Wing Chun Kung Fu. We are so proud of you all!! We would like to say a huge well done to everyone that graded and also a huge well done to those of you that have just joined us and still took part even though you weren’t grading!

We are so proud of the progress and achievements you have all made! Grading showed us the determination you have for the art and motivation you give each other!! Well done!!

We have been thoroughly impressed with the hard work and determination showed throughout the grading. Over the two weeks we tested the capability, knowledge and understanding of all students who registered and worked towards their next belts.

Congratulations and well done to all students who worked towards their next grade! We look forward to seeing everyone in class.

Click the link below to view our Grading April 2022 gallery

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